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Santa Margarita Krewe Crest

Ye Mystic krewe of The Santa Margarita

Clearwater's Official Krewe

Founded 2002

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Bead Info & Policy

Bead Throwing Guidelines: We suggest a rough guideline of 180 strands of beads per mile. This works out to an average of about one strand every 30 feet. This is only a rough estimate and will vary depending whether you are walking or riding and the speed of the parade. If you're walking the parade you will probably throw fewer beads.

Note: Beads should be purchased online at least one week prior to the parade or you stand the chance of the beads not being loaded on the float prior to the parade. Bead orders will be placed on the Krewe float for the parade that was specified in the online order.

If you don't specify the event it makes the Maestre (de plata) say ARRRRR!

You can purchase beads from the Krewe anytime in the bead shop or while you're filling out your RSVP form. You can pay online when you submit your RSVP. If you're a strong and healthy pirate not plagued with plague or scurvy, you can purchase beads where ye like and haul them to the float deck yerself. 

Download the YMKSM Bead Policy

Ye Mystic Krewe of The Santa Margarita
Bead Policy


By order of the Admiral, the Admiral’s Council and the Bead Captain

Rationale: This policy represents our effort to streamline the entire bead process. Understand that we pay for all the beads for each season in advance only pass along the actual cost to our members. Also understand that maintaining the inventory, loading and unloading the beads is a herculean task that is being admirably performed. This policy is our attempt to help streamline what we are already doing. Policy:

  1. All beads must be stored in poly-bags! Only poly-bags will be allowed in the storage unit; no boxes, cardboard or any other storage material, carry-on, luggage, or any other container will be allowed. The Krewe will have poly bags available for purchase, at cost, either from behind the bar or during bead loading and unloading.
  2. No beads should be removed from storage without the Bead Captain’s knowledge and all beads removed should be documented on the sign out sheet.
  3. Krewe members should keep track of their own bead inventory and order in advance where possible.
  4. Every effort should be made to purchase beads at least 48 hours in advance of any parade, gathering or event where beads may be desired.
  5. The Krewe prefers payment at the time of bead ordering because the Krewe must pay for the beads in advance and because last minute orders are difficult to keep track of.
  6. Although the Krewe will make every effort to have beads on hand for purchase during events, these beads will be in extremely limited quantity and their availability is not guaranteed.
  7. When you RSVP for a parade, gathering, or event, please indicate how many bags of beads you desired loaded onto the Float. The web RSVP form was recently updated to allow this.
  8. During float clean up, any unlabeled beads and any beads not in poly-bags will be placed in the Krewe’s community storage bin for use during community service events.
  9. All beads are stored at the bead owner’s risk, the Krewe expressly disclaims any responsibility for beads or other goods loaded, unloaded, or stored at any Krewe locations. Similarly YMKSM expressly disclaims any warranties, implied or otherwise, including those for merchantability.

Please accept our thanks for your support! We truly appreciate all those who appear parade after parade to load, unload, inventory, and help support our Krewe – Thank You!

Last Revised and Approved by the Admiral’s Council on the 16th day of November 2012.

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