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Santa Margarita Krewe Crest

Ye Mystic krewe of The Santa Margarita

Clearwater's Official Krewe

Founded 2002

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Sometimes even pirates need to follow some rules. Pirates and guests, please read.

Download the YMKSM Event Rules

Ye Mystic Krewe of The Santa Margarita
Event Rules

Revised and Approved September 16, 2017 at YMKSM Annual Meeting

Revised and Approved September 16, 2017 at YMKSM Annual Meeting It should be understood that the Ye Mystic Krewe of Santa Margarita is always in the public eye and as such we shall conduct ourselves in a manner such as not to bring discredit to the organization. We want to be invited back, so please obey any instructions by the Parade Marshall's, any Law Enforcement Officers and our security personnel.

Parade time is sacred time. No issues will be discussed in any manner to any krewe member for any reason unless there is a dire need for safety with the exception of costuming, all issues shall be held in check for discussion until after the parade day or the next Council meeting.

General Event Policies

1. Only members in good standing with membership dues paid may participate in parades.

2. No soliciting to see body parts. (You and the flasher are subject to arrest if you asked for it!)

3. Handing beads to law enforcement officers may not be always welcomed. Please ask the officer first.

4. Use discretion while throwing beads. Do not helicopter or rodeo beads for the safety of others around you. Be aware of those around you.

5. Trading (alloy) medallions cannot be thrown.

6. Never walk between the float and the tow vehicle.

7. Rules on drinking vary from parade to parade. Be aware of the rules that apply to that parade and follow them. All drinks MUST be in a nonclear containers. No exceptions. Glass beer/liquor bottles must remain with bartenders on the float.

8. All guests should feel welcome. Krewe member’s guest are the responsibility of the krewe member any concerns with the exception of costuming need to be directed solely to the krewe member after the day of the parade not the guest.

9. All members and guests must be dressed in appropriate costumes while participating in official Krewe costume events.(See costume requirements.)

10. Sashes or wristbands must be worn during the parade at all times.

11. All parade participants need to be aware and understand parade rules prior to participating. If there are any questions, please ask. All members will be held responsible for knowing and following parade rules.

12. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed at events that are designated as adult events on the Krewe calendar.

Ye Mystic Krewe of the Santa Margarita Event Rules

Revised and Approved September 16, 2017 at YMKSM Annual Meeting

Float Specific Policies

1. If a security person instructs you to do something DO IT without complaint.

2. For your safety do not sit or stand on anything other than float deck.

3. Watch out for the safety of others.

4. If any member becomes intoxicated and beyond control of a security or a member of the Executive Board, he or she shall be requested to ride the float. This way there is no danger to themselves or others. When drinking, handle yourself responsibly and all of us will have a good time. Bartenders have the right not to serve anyone.

New Policies

1. Beads may only be thrown from the official start of the parade route, NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. No smoking on floats for safety reasons.

3. Only loose strands of beads may be hung on exterior ship hooks.

4. Bus Passes will be optionally implemented this season, see policy.

Remember, while you are in the Krewe costume you are representing the organization. Conduct yourself accordingly.


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