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Santa Margarita Krewe Crest

Ye Mystic krewe of The Santa Margarita

Clearwater's Official Krewe

Founded 2002

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YMKSM Crest, Coat of arms and MOtto

The crest includes the YMKSM Krewe Motto:

Bis Vivit Qui Bene Vivit
"He lives twice who lives well"

The arms are blazoned in four quadrants as follows:

  • First Barry wavy azure and argent. An escallop gules;
  • second, gules, a dolphin haurient azure and argent;
  • third, gules, on a fess or a tower gules;
  • fourth, argent, a parrot vert perched on a branch proper, in its beak an annulet or.

The Crest is between two palm branches vert, a roundle per pale, first, argent, a lion rampant contourne gules; second, gules, a tower or; all surmounted by a royal coronet.

The YMKSM crest is supported by two seahorses or, maned gules, each holding a banner or, bordered gules, on a chief of the first a roundle as in the crest.

Crest colors and symbols historical interpretation and meaning

  • ARGENT (silver or white); peace and prosperity
  • OR (Gold): Generosity and elevation of the mind
  • GULES (Red): Warrior or martyr; military strength and magnanimity
  • AZURE (Blue): Truth and loyalty
  • VERT (Green): Hope, joy, and loyalty in love
  • PROPER: Natural colors
  • BARRY: One who sets the bar of conscience, religion, and honor against angry
  • passions and evil temptations" according to Guillim
  • WAVY: Sea or water
  • ESCALLOP: Traveler to far places or victorious naval commander
  • DOLPHIN: Swiftness, diligence, salvation, charity and love
  • FESS: Military belt or circle of honor; Represents readiness to serve the public
  • TOWER: Safety and grandeur
  • PARROT: Unknown, but the modern interpretation is "party down, dude!”
  • ANNULET: Fidelity
  • PALM BRANCHES: Victory, justice, and royal honor
  • LION: Dauntless courage
  • ROYAL CORONET: Royal or seignorial authority

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