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Santa Margarita Krewe Crest

Ye Mystic krewe of The Santa Margarita

Clearwater's Official Krewe

Founded 2002

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Pirate Costumes

See photos to inspire your next garb shopping trip, and review our official guidelines to help you blend in with the Ye Mystic Krewe of the Santa Margarita pirates. 

Costume Guidelines

Download the YMKSM Costume Guidelines

Ye Mystic Krewe of The Santa Margarita
Costume Requirements


Our mission is to represent the City of Clearwater through friendship, respect, charitable sponsorship and community service by emulating 17th century Spanish Galleon Crews and Pirates that roam the high seas during present day parades and other gatherings. To be of visual interest and entertainment for the public and attract public interest to benefit our krewe. We want our krewe to look fabulously complimentary of the period.


Krewe costumes are meant to be in a parade and therefore festive in nature with a style that compliments the period with added personal flair. Brighter colors that might have been found in actual clothing of the period are encouraged. Fabrics for adult costumes are encouraged to be festive with flashy adornments The official sash of the Krewe of Santa Margarita is a required element.

Official Krewe Sash is a requirement of all adult member’s costumes.
Anyone not wearing a sash will be required to wear a guest wristband.

Men’s Costume
Men's costume at a minimum shall consist of a poet’s style shirt, pants, and dark shoes or boots. It is encouraged that men’s costumes also include a period style jacket or vest and accessories such as hats and earrings. NO STREET CLOTHES.

Women’s Costumes
Women’s costumes should be period style. Dresses, skirts or pants are welcome, along with a blouse or vest, corset, or a bodice. Period style accessories are encouraged but not limited to hats, jackets, capes, and jewelry. At designated adult events sexier costumes is permitted such as fish net stockings and shorter skirts. No body parts may be showing. NO STREET CLOTHES.

Active Military
Members currently serving in the U.S. Armed forces may wear their appropriate uniform.

Children’s Costumes
Children’s costumes may be as simple or elaborate as adult costumes. Period style accessories are encouraged. NO STREET CLOTHES.

Guest Costumes
Members are responsible for ensuring that their guest are costumed appropriately. Guest costumes should comply near the same level as Krewe Ye Mystic Krewe of The Santa Margarita Costume Requirements Revised and Approved September 16, 2017 at YMKSM Annual Meeting member costume standards. Guests are required to wear Krewe wristbands for identification. NO STREET CLOTHES.

Everyone’s Costumes
Safety must be a consideration when choosing attire. Stiletto type heeled shoes or any other type heel that could catch on the float deck should not be worn. Period appropriate weapons are acceptable. Sabers and knives must be secure in their sheaths. All weapons must be peace tied.

Remember function and comfort is important. Ensure your design is one that will work for a long day of parading.

Official Krewe costumers are available for questions, advice and purchases. For any information or questions contact info@

iii. Event Participation

Krewe members or guests who arrive at a Krewe event inappropriately dressed will not be permitted to participate in that event. Krewe council is responsible. 


Revised and Approved September 16, 2017 at YMKSM Annual Meeting

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